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Typical Uses

Grid deck systems are often associated with movable bridges where they are most visible.  People are often surprised to learn that most steel grid bridge decks are filled with concrete and used on fixed bridges.  The main advantages versus a rebar reinforced deck:

  • Greatly reduced weight

  • Higher strength

  • Improved speed of construction

  • Much greater durability

About 80% of steel grid bridge decking is used to reinforce concrete bridge decking, representing many millions of square feet.   Concrete filled grid and Exodermic bridge decks are often used on truss bridges, suspension bridges and movable bridges for weight savings.  They are also used quite frequently on accelerated construction projects when speed of installation is of utmost importance.  These systems can be precast and installed in weekend, or even overnight closures to reduce the impact on motorists.  Here is a list of a few bridges that some may not realize have a concrete filled steel grid deck:

  • Mackinac Bridge, MI

  • Brooklyn Bridge, NY

  • Mathews Bridge, Jacksonville, FL

  • Manhattan Bridge, NY

  • Walt Whitman Bridge, PA

Grids are also used in:

  • Port facilities

  • Industrial facilities

  • Animal control ( wildlife guards )

  • Airports

  • Anywhere heavy rolling loads are present.

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